Bucket lamp + other woodturning projects

Bucket lamp + other woodturning projects

The bucket lamp was commissioned to be a bookshelf lamp, setting the mood and warm/cosiness of the wood.

Nut table watch. Giving a 3rd dimension to the watch.

The Argos lamp was designed in commemoration of my dog, Argos, who was my partner and friends for almost 14 years.

Woodturning is one of my most relaxing hobbies of all time. I decided to make some products and have fun in the process. Here are some examples of my work.


Sr. Hongo (Mushroom)

Yo-yo Lamp


Sate-light stool and tables. Falling in love with craft and woodturning I wanted to create a family of stools and tables that reflected my passion. Sate-light, as the name describes, is inspired in light satellites and spaceships.








Camel Lamp

Swan Lamp


Simple, yet elegant, table legs. Designed for glass, wood or marble table top.





The base of the stools is glued together and turned on the wood lathe. After it is finished we slice the tips of and convert the circular shape into a square. The steel base is sleek and very minimal.